Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Daily Occurance

Amanda and I were reading our scriptures. I was sitting on my computer rolling chair and leaning on my bed reading. Well, I found a scripture I liked and wanted to get a scripture marker to mark it. I had to put my church bag behind my laundry basket. So, I rolled over to the basket. I have hard wood floor in my bedroom. My laundry basket is in between my dresser and the wall. I had a TV tray in front of my Laundry basket. Not even worrying about getting up to reach behind my laundry basket, I sat right on the edge the chair. Now, reminding you that I was on a rolling chair, on hard wood floor, and reaching for something, what do you think is going to happen? Well, I think what your thinking is right, and that is exactly what happened to me. As I was reaching, the chair just rolled right out from under me and fell on its side. I had one arm on top of the laundry basket in some weird and VERY uncomfortable position. My other arm was wrapped around the back of the chair. The chair could not go anywhere due to my bed. I was not wearing socks so my feet would not slide. I was in a squatting position, my feet under the TV table, back against my dresser, my butt not touching the ground, and unable to move.
Amanda was laying on her bed and immediately looked at me and was laughing at me so hard she could not get up off her bed.
Then I say, "HELP me Amanda, I'm STUCK!!!!"
That really got her rolling. Then I started laughing really hard. Since she wasn't helping me, I tried to figure out a way to get out myself. So I tried to slide my feet down so I could sit, but my feet only slid a little bit, I was in an even more uncomfortable position, and the handles on my dresser started pressing into my back. I told Amanda that she needed to help me. As soon as she walked around my bed and saw the whole position, it looked like she was about to either pee her pants or pass out she was laughing so hard. At the time, I was just chuckling to myself thinking how ridiculous I must look. Finally, Amanda moved the chair and I just fell to the floor and started laughing.